Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember In November!

Today, we saw the last gasp and high-water mark of 20th Century Social Welfare Liberalism.

This radical, partisan bill barely scraped by with a 219 vote for, 212 against.

This vote today is a victory for vote-counting Democrats in only the most tactical sense, but a defeat on so many levels for so many Americans.

For the taxpayers, this huge tax hike is a defeat. For the elderly, a defeat for their care. For the healthy and for the self-employed, a defeat for their healthcare choices and freedom, as they are all now conscripted into force health insurance mandates. For the system, a defeat for common-sense and market-driven efficiency, as we now have Government more involved than ever. For the American people as a whole, it a defeat for democracy, as the will of the people was clearly not listened to.

And for the Democrats themselves, it is a defeat for them, or at best a Pyrric Victory. Many Congressmen who voted for this, will deservedly be defeated in November. The Democrats will be dealt a crushing blow in November. Millions of Americans will heed the call - Remember in November! Repeal! Kill the Bill!

Tomorrow is perhaps the end of the American experiment as it was for 250 years. Or it might be the start of something different: Operation Restore American Freedom begins tomorrow.

This day forward, the Government takeover of healthcare has now made healthcare the central issue politically at the national and state level. It has bankrupted in one fell swoop EVERY ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM and the Federal budget itself.

Newbusters says: "Krauthammer announced upon passage of health care reform legislation in the House of Representatives, we will have a different country and on the road to nationalized health care."

RedState blogger Erick Erickson says 'repeal': "1. Pledge immediate repeal in toto of Obamacare should it pass. No nibbling at the edges — the whole thing and we pledge our lives, fortunes, and honor to crushing any member of Republican leadership who refuses to get on the full repeal bandwagon."

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