Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Gordon did WHAT?!?

Holly Hansen on SmartGirlPolitics says Gordon Thinks the Texas Ethics Commission is a Joke : "The Sun reported that John Gordon, candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, District 52, intentionally violated the laws for campaign reporting and has refused to pay the associated fines handed down by the Texas Ethics Commission."

It's hard to find a more arrogant and politically destructive act than snubbing your nose at campaign filing requirements. This guy has just poured gasoline on himself and lit a match ... and that's above and beyond his lawsuits against political opponents and other bizarre acts of belligerence. He's unelectable and deservedly so ...

Which means that since he is in a runoff against the much stronger Republican Larry Gonzales, in a race to take on a liberal Democrat incumbent in this Williamson district ... Go Larry, Go!

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