Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A History Lesson in How Democrats Screw Up

Saw on a message board at The Hill:

In 1946 - Dems were hammered for focusing on National HC when prices spiked and wages were stagnant. 1994 - dems were hammered again for Universal HC when jobs slumped. 2010 - the dems are going to be hammered again for wasting 14 months on something no one says is a top priority. We Americans are going to take the nation back in 2010, and moreso in 2012. How many times do these stupid democrats need to be taught this lesson? How many dems are going to fall on their sword, only to see it repealed? Wow, that's quite the legacy you'll have, huh? Wasting 14 months when the nation has said from day 1 that jobs was the top priority. Nice going idiots. You deserve everything that happens to you, democrats.

It is said that those who don't learn from History are condemned to repeat it, and the thought occurs that it is the ignorance of history which allows Democrat majorities to return and make the same mistakes that were made before.