Thursday, November 5, 2009

Travis County Republican Party Calls for Primary Candidates

November 4, 2009

AUSTIN – The Travis County Republican Party today issued an invitation to aspiring local candidates encouraged by the portent election victories in Virginia and New Jersey last night.

“We’re now gearing up for the March 2, 2010, primary elections which determine which Republican candidates will face their Democratic opponents in November 2010,” said Rosemary Edwards, the TCRP chairwoman. “Especially given last night’s sweeping down ballot changes in Virginia, we believe voters have had enough of the out-of-control spending and thefts of liberty that have been demonstrated by incumbent Democrats across the country.

“Republican voter turnout for the constitutional amendments was very strong in Travis County and we are seeing signs here and elsewhere of a very motivated – and disgruntled -- electorate.

“The local Republican party already has been recruiting strong candidates to run up and down the Travis County ballot, strengthening our grass roots operations, and developing wide-ranging coalitions with local groups of all sorts on issues of importance to all Travis County voters,” Edwards said. “We predict an end to the Democrat stranglehold on Travis County given voters’ dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, unemployment, bankruptcies in several Democrat states, and ethical transgressions in the U.S. Congress by the majority party.”

Many more comments and analysis about the Nov. 3 statewide and national results may be found at Chairwoman Edwards’ blog,

Travis County residents who are interested in running in the primaries for the Republican nominations have a number of opportunities available to them, ranging from local county government, county judiciary, state and federal legislative and numerous multi-county and state races. Please contact TCRP Executive Director Michele Samuelson at (512) 302-1776 or with your inquiries about the process for filing.

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