Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Left's "Winning Through Intimidation" Ploy

“The ongoing campaign of hatred directed at Carrie is inexplicable, and ugly.”
- Maggie Gallagher

This campaign of political intimidation is far from inexplicable. Over-the-top expressions and attacks, personal berating, etc. It is the same intolerant mind-shaping that totalitarians and Jackboot leftists have always engaged in for years. They will demean, disparage and defame those who oppose their core beliefs, and will top at nothing to destroy those who oppose them. Sometimes its in the form of racial blackmail, a la, a Jesse Jackson shakedown. Sometimes its simply a disinvitation to a University speaking event for a conservative voice. Sometimes,
like the anti-Prop 8 folks did, they will show up at your place of work and hound you out of a job. Sometimes it is physical, like the ACORN activists attacking a “Tea Party” person.

It has a clear purpose. It’s called “winning through intimidation”.

“But the anti gay marriage movement had to cash in on her [Carrie Prejean’s] notoriety …
She can say whatever she wants, but I think you are foolish to hitch your cause to her wagon”
- Email to NR

This is a liberal telling us not to defend a victim of defamation tactics. Carrie Prejean ‘notoriety’ is a concoction of the attack machine. She is a woman who’s been viciously attacked for her beliefs, and was attacked solely to create an example for those who share those beliefs to “shut up … or else”.

We don’t need to put her on a pedestal to see that she is being wronged. She is not a spokeswoman for anyone or anything, she is merely a beauty pageant contestant who dared to speak her mind.

“All of this dumbs down the discussion of this issue."

Exactly who decided that gay marriage was to be a topic of beauty pageant – someone who was virulently pro-gay-marriage! A deranged homosexual by the name of Perez Hilton opened the Pandora’s box. What we see her is projection: The left politicizes something that ought not
be politicized, and when conservatives protest, the left accuses the right of starting it.

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