Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Jersey Terror Plotters were Illegal Immigrants

From FRC Tony Perkins:

After arresting six radical Muslims with plans to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey, FBI special agent J.P Weiss said it best when he told reporters, "We dodged a bullet. In fact... we may have dodged several bullets." Unfortunately, what few seem to realize is that without serious immigration reform, Americans may not be quite so blessed next time. Of those accused in the Fort Dix terror plot, three are in the United States illegally.

As the House and Senate prioritize their issues for the coming month, this near-tragedy should put illegal immigration on the forefront of everyone's minds. We must confront radical Islam head-on, rather than pretending that it doesn't have an agenda. All too often Americans seem more fearful of offending people than they are of a devastating terrorist attack. Join us in urging Congress to promote true immigration reform that puts national security--not political correctness--first.

Good point. It's time we got back to basics. Border security is tied to our national security. Good immigration law starts with border and immigration security. We need to secure the borders FIRST before we try to great another huge incentive for illegal immigration via amnesty.

Lest we forget:

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