Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Monitor in Minnesota

A great minds think alike alert: The Minnesota Monitor tracks politics and media way up north. I got to it via Jonah Goldberg, linking to an article where he is being described as a 'codpiece'. It's not what you think - it means "Conservative of the day" aka, a column that throws a bone to conservative readers sick of liberal bias on the OpEd page. Now, every time I see Jonah's column in the Austin-American Statesman, I'm going to chuckle.

This site does come from a liberal POV, apparently they are funded by the ever-present Soros (okay, so where's our shadowy billionaire funding, huh?), but we still might keep tabs on it for how to improve our own "Monitor". We've been wanting to track visitor stats, and their use of StatCounter prompted me to add our own.

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