Sunday, May 6, 2007

Election Fraud Alert

Jeff Fleece, who ran for House District 50 last year against Strama, gave me permission to post to this Travis Monitor blog the text below, which he originally sent in an email to the Board of Directors of the Central Texas Republican Assembly (CTRA):

I wanted to you be aware of the continuing incompetence of the Travis County Clerk. Today [May 5, 2007], Nicole and I went to early vote and experienced a significant problem. They refused to let Nicole cast a regular ballot due to a technical problem with the new statewide voter registration database (their excuse). When the judge at the Four Points HEB early voting location called the Clerk's office today, he was told that this was [due to] a problem with the new statewide database and that Nicole wouldn't be able to vote even if she presented her active voter registration card [much less] her driver's license. The only option they presented was a provisional ballot, not a real one, and [they] gave her a new voter registration card to reapply.

This...disenfranchising [of] eligible registered voters is ludicrous, and is likely illegal. The [computerized voter listing] system apparently picked up an old, inactive registration and did not show the currently active one. The fact that [Nicole] voted in three elections (for me I hope) [during] this location last year showed in the system, but [this hard data] was ignored by the judge and the Clerk's office. I thought you'd be interested.

Jeff [Fleece]
If you have had a similar experience or any other trouble at the polling place in this election please take a moment and post a comment to this article briefly documenting your experience. Please include your real name, if you don't mind, in case we need to verify your story later.

Election day is around the corner. Time is of the essence in this matter.

Timothy E. Bradberry

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