Friday, June 10, 2011

The Subtleties of Media Bias: Jason Embry's Collection of Anti-Christians

Jason Embry over at the Austin American MisStatesman puts out a daily recap of news around the Capitol. Lobbyists I know typically read his stuff and then wow their clients with their supposed knowledge of inside baseball around the Capitol. I guess reading Embry beats doing any work on their own. Good work if you can get it.

The other day Embry took aim at Texas Governor Rick Perry by noting his apparent co-hosting of an event with the American Family Association in Houston, noting that the Anti-Defamation League, The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations were protesting Perry's participation with a Christian group that takes very stern heaven-hell type views on homosexuals.  You know, the same views that the Muslim extremists in Iran and other Muslim countries take, except no one at the AFA wants to hang homosexuals, the way the Muslims in Iran do.

But that's not the point.

The point is that the ADL, SPLC, CAIR and a fourth group, the People for the American Way (which is quoted in the story), are all very left-of-center organizations. They are way out there. Of the four, only People for the American Way is identified by Embry as a "liberal watchdog group." They could also be categorized as anti-Christian. Embry wouldn''t dare do that.

The governor's spokesperson is given some ink to say the governor has been thinking of the event for some time, but that's different from supporting the ideological positions of AFA, or even supporting the main focus of the event, which is day of fast and prayer for governors who decide to attend. In case you inferred otherwise from the liberal activist groups criticisms, the event is not to discuss homosexuals and their prospects for Heaven and Hell. That apparently is the job of the Muslims in Iran, who take a very active stance in their speeding Allah's decision making process for the homosexuals.  

Now, I'm not saying Embry is a wild-eyed liberal. But his news reporting, like that of so many other reporters at the MisStatesman and other newspapers, carries the water for the liberal groups.

He's certainly never carried the water for the AFA and its views on the need for prayer and fasting by the nation's governors. His historical materialist approach to reporting the news does not allow it.  But it does allow for using liberal activist groups to gang up on Christian groups and their views. 

By the way, I've taken to calling the Statesman the MisStatesman because it has a problem getting facts right, even at the most mundane levels of the organization.

My case is this: I made a hole in one, on May 1, at the 17th hole at Falconhead Golf Course, using a 3-hybrid for 194 yards. I filled out a form with this information, at the course, including the names of the witnesses. The pro at Falconhead faxed in the information on May 2. The MisStatesman noted in its paper a week later that my hole in one came on the second hole at Flintrock Falls, using a 3-hyrbid for 147 yards. They did get the name of the witnesses correct. (My golf buddies were laughing that I would have to use a 3-hybrid for 147 yards.)  But really, if somehow they mix up a faxed piece of information about a hole in one, what else are they getting wrong, in places throughout the paper?  

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