Saturday, June 11, 2011

Got Jobs?

The market recently fell out of bed this past week on the news of a disappointing May 2011 jobs report and other signs the 'recovery' is sputtering. The big picture is that recovery has not recovered most of the 7 million jobs lost in the recent recession. Here's a chart that says it all:

Even with the half a million new jobs so far this year, we still have five million fewer jobs than when Obama became President. With Q1 2011 at only 1.8%, it's a tepid recovery and economic growth has been inadequate. The economy is moving forward, but too slowly, and the reason it doesn't feel like a recovery is because we don't have the growth and jobs to truly get us out of this hole. Uncertainty created by Obama policies is the #1 reason this recovery is weaker than it should be.

We need real pro-growth and pro-jobs policies to get this country moving again. Got jobs? Got recovery? Not yet!

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