Tuesday, January 25, 2011

March for LIfe

I was trying to find video of the March for Life in Washington DC on Monday, but I haven’t found any that does a good job of showing the size of the crowd. I have heard estimates of 200,000 to 400,000 marchers and it took 4 hours for the marchers to get past the Supreme Court building.

One of the problems is the major networks seem to have ignored the March for Life. I did find a video on the ABC News site, and Fox News had a report also. Even the Fox News report did a poor job of show the size of the crowd and that this is not a political issue, but an issue of allowing the slaughter of innocent babies to continue in our Nation. Monday, CBS Evening News had a report about the 12,500 people killed by gunfire each year. They did not mention that 100 times as many people die each year by abortion. Over 50 million babies executed in the last 38 years.

The following is part of a letter I sent to one of the local TV news department.
I was very disappointed in your report Saturday night on the Rally for Life event in Austin. The sonogram bill is making sure women understand what happens in an abortion, makes sure a woman understands she is going to stop the heartbeat of her child. One would think Planned Parenthood would support true informed consent, but then it did seem as if their spokeswoman does not really want women to know the truth. What greater good can the government do than to help stop the killing of innocent babies?

The truth is: birth is just a change of environment for a human being, not a change to becoming a human being. The truth is: over 50 million humans have been executed in the country’s abortion facilities since Roe vs Wade was ruled on. The truth is: about 90 % of women change their mind about abortion once they see the sonogram and hear the heartbeat of their own child. It makes one wonder if a large corporation like Planned Parenthood really cares about women or if they are just afraid of losing customers and hurting their profits.

I invite news organizations to find out more about alternatives to abortion. The truth is: Pro-Life supporters do much more than just hold rallies. There are over 200 Pregnancy Resource Centers in Texas not only helping women in crisis pregnancies, but helping them with diapers, clothes, food and at some of the centers, life skills after the baby is born. These centers do not charge for their services, but continue to support moms and their children. They depend on the donations of Pro-Life supporters, as not many, if any get government funds. In my journalism classes, I was taught the job of the Fourth Estate was to seek out the truth, I hope things haven’t changed over the last 35 years.

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