Monday, April 26, 2010

New York Times Can't Admit that Obama is Unpopular

The New York Times acknowledged Saturday that there's a no patience out in the hinterland west of the Hudson River for Democrats and the direction they're taking this country, in their story "Democrats’ Long-Held Seats Face G.O.P. Threat."

Of course, the journalists Jeff Zeleny and Adam Nagourney never once mention that President Obama is a major reason for expected losses. Instead, it's Democrat representatives support for big government initiatives. The initiatives aren't linked to Obama.

Zeleny and Nagourney only say there is a 'discontent with Washington' without mentioning why there is such discontent:

Yet the discontent with Washington surging through politics is now threatening not only his [21-term Democrat David Obey] seat but also Democratic control of Congress.
Sean Duffy, who is Obey's challenger, says he's running against Obey because of his leading role in the health care socialization bill and other big government efforts. That's where the discontent originates, according to the Times weak handling of that issue. Never is the 'discontent' assigned to Obama. The only mention of Obama is the fact that his old Senate seat in Illinois (and Biden's by the way) is in play as well.

The Time continues to shill for Obama, once again ignoring his unpopularity and what will be the overriding reason for Democrat losses in November.

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