Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ron Paul: a Dove on Foreign Policy

In the interviews linked below via YouTube it seems that Ron Paul is running for President of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland being neutral in WWII) rather than President of the United States of America (a member of NATO and of the Allied forces of WWII that defeated the dictators).

Just be friends (which does not to Ron Paul include help defend against a bully) with those countries who want to be our friends and let the rest of the countries of the world nuke it out (hoping we don't get caught in the crossfire or downwind) seems to be his approach to Foreign Policy.

One thing Dr. Paul does not comment on directly in these interviews is the role of the State Department in creating most of the situations where the US sides with dictators. Clean out the State Department rather than totally scrap the security arrangements that have benefited the US over the years would seem to be the conservative road to take.

Case in point: Under a Ron Paul administration, China could attack and incorporate Taiwan without any response by the US, even though US security interests are involved in keeping Taiwan free and independent. And the State Department bureaucrats would probably breath a great big sign of relief that they would no longer have to be Beijing’s lapdogs slapping Taiwan's "authorities" for every move towards reforming their democracy that they try to make (cause you see, there would be no more democracy in Taiwan).

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