Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dope Smokers and Sanctuary City Supporters Put More Blood on Their Hands

The news that 72 people were murdered in Mexico should sadden everyone, especially those who smoke dope, do drugs and support "undocumented aliens" in America.

 They are the ones providing the incentives for migrants to come to America and forcing them to risk getting involved with the thugs and villains in the drug gangs and the human trafficking rings. And the dope smokers are empowering the drug gangs with money and the means to organize, buy guns and evade authorities.

Count these poor souls on your conscience, along with those folks who suffocated in that truck in Victoria a few years back.

Go ahead and smoke those Blood Tokes. Maybe you'll anesthetize yourself to the death and suffering you cause, even to your own soul.

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Anonymous said...

If Marijuana were legal there would be no profitable black market for dealing it, correct? So legalize it and other drugs and you won't have gangs fighting over distribution rights.