Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strama Pleads the 5th?

At a July 17th “StramaRama” campaign fundraiser event with music legend Bruce Robison, Rep. Mark Strama made the introductions but waived his right to make a political speech. That is understandable. He is an incumbent and the less attention given that fact in these days of widespread “throw the bums out” voter sentiment the better for his campaign.

Of course as an incumbent, Strama has a record. If the dust covering that liberal record were stirred, bloggers, and perhaps some truth seekers in the mainstream media, would take note. Thus, Strama might very well incriminate himself (i.e. ID himself as a liberal) if he opens his mouth.

Note: By using the word “incriminate” in this blog post I do not mean to imply criminal behavior by liberals in general and Mr. Strama in particular. Mark Strama is, by all appearances, a law abiding citizen.

Here is a snapshot of Mark Strama’s voting record:

Voted NO on 04/24/2006 and 05/15/2006; on HB 2, Property Tax Reduction; Bill passed (82 - 66) and (89-56).

Voted YEA on 05/04/2007; on CSHB 10, Tribal Casino Gaming, Tribal Casino Gaming; Bill failed (66-66).

Voted NO on 04/24/2007; on HB 218, Voter Identification Requirement; Bill passed (76-69).

Voted NO on 05/26/2007 and 05/01/2007; on CSHB 3678, Religious Expression at Schools; Bill passed (107-28) and (121-10).

Not only is Mr. Strama’s voting record liberally incriminating, so is some of his “community work.” Here, for example, is a photograph of Mark Strama, with several other infamous liberal Democrats, at a ribbon cutting for Planned Parenthood, followed by the PP's report of the event.

From left to right: Representative Mark Strama, Representative Valinda Boln, Senator Kirk Watson, Austin City Councilmember Lee Leffingwell, Representative Eddie Rodriguez, Capital Campaign Co-Chairs, Robbie and Tom Ausley, U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Austin Mayor Will Wynn, Ken Lambrecht, CEO of PPTCR and Brewster McCracken, Austin Mayor Pro Tem.

On Monday, Oct. 22, the ribbon cutting celebrated the opening of Planned Parenthood's new Education, Advocacy, and Administrative building and the successful completion of The Choice Project, a $6.6 million capital campaign. The Choice Project's flagship South Austin Clinic opened in 2004 and provides high-quality, affordable health care [*] to more than 9,000 of our 26,000 clients served each year. The new Education, Advocacy, and Administration Building hosts a library of educational resources for parents, educators and other community members seeking medically-accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education, and multiple community rooms for health educators, teen peer educators, and other Planned Parenthood volunteers to meet and attend workshops and other activities.

* Note: Such “heath care” provided by Planned Parenthood culminates in the taking of human life.

Then there are Strama’s Obama moments (for as long as they stay posted to the Internet):

Actually, I don’t blame Strama for only acting as the MC at his “StramaRama” fundraiser and not making a campaign speech, for anything he would have said would and could be used against him in his bid for re-election.

If Mark Strama publicly acknowledged that he is in his first real political fight since his election to the Texas House in 2004 he might draw attention to his conservative Republican opponent, long time Austin resident and Freescale engineer Patrick McGuinness. If that happened, Republicans and independents in District 50 who voted for Strama in the past might find out they actually have an alternative candidate whose life experiences match their own much better than their current Rep and thus who could better represent them at the Capitol.

Note: I do not mean to say that Strama has not had good Republican challengers in the past, both Jeff Fleece and Jerry Mikus fielded respectable campaigns against him. However, Strama has never been as politically vulnerable as he is now and Partick McGuinness seems to be poised to run a very strong race.

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