Sunday, April 13, 2008

Austin Community College Board of Trustee Election

The next ACC Board of Trustee Election will be held on May 10, 2008.

Current 2008 Candidates for ACC District Board of Trustees (Updated 3/03/08)

Place 5
Raul Ruben Alvarez (unexpired term)

Place 2
John-Michael Vincent Cortez

Place 3
Nan McRaven

Place 1
Tim Mahoney
Harrison Keller
Mike Reid

The results of the official drawing for a position on the ballot for Place 1, the only contested race, is as follows : Tim Mahoney, Harrison Keller and Michael (Mike) Reid.

Harrison Keller is an interesting name. Speaker Tom Craddick has a gentleman working as his Director of Research named Harrison Keller. I do not know if this is the same person, though.


Lee said...

Yes, it is the same Harrison Keller that works for Craddick.

Nancy said...

I have been a committed Democratic for all of my life, but as a recently retired Vice President at a very large community college in California, I see Dr.Keller as by far the best qualified, most knowlegeable candidate in the world of higher education and an extremely well placed candidatre to effect real change in a timely manner.

After seeing elected Board of Trustees with no knlowledge of the educational issue, funding issues, transfer issues, academic and student support issues, it became clear that their learning curve was far too steep, leaving them ineffectual or too dependent on colleagues with very definite ,if limited, pet projects.

Harrison Keller is the only candiadate ready, and well placed, to effect the real change that is the key to uplifting the economic and social standing of those in our community most in need to that vital "second chance".

I strongly support his candidacy.

Nancy Knight, Ph.D.