Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why does the TCRP SD-14 Chairman refuse to release temporary rules?

Below is an exact copy of an e-mail I sent to Mr. Bill Crocker, temporary chairman of the TCRP SD-14 Convention due to convene the morning of April 21st -- Mr. Crocker has declined to answer this and numerous other communications I've attempted with him over the last few weeks.  I publish this in the hopes others may encourage him to answer these reasonable questions, and make the Rules report public in advance of the SD-14 Convention April 21st:

-------- Original message --------
Subject: RE: List?
From: Don Zimmerman <>

APR 17th, 2012

Dear Mr. Crocker,

I'm requesting a copy of the report of the temporary Rules Committee, which completed its work last night. Since the Committee work concluded last night, I'm requesting you make the Rules Report available now (Apr 17th 2012) instead of at the start of the SD Convention on Apr 21. We all have a desire to save time, and releasing rules now certainly saves time on Saturday.

Based on how the temporary meetings were conducted last night (especially, many persons who waited 2.5 hours for a Nominations interview, including my wife Jennifer and my neighbor Ron Williams, and then were told to leave) and the fact that I'm supporting precinct caucuses for delegate nominations, which were rejected by the rules committee (per Mr Randall), and the fact that you declined to name me to the Nominations Committee, I'm declining your offer for me to "send a list" of my choices for delegates for Nomination by your committee. I'm only insisting that larger precincts be allowed to chose their own delegates. The Nominations Committee is exclusively under your power and I will not infringe or usurp that power.

I request an answer to these requests by Apr 18th. Releasing the Rules Report is fair and reasonable and will likely save time Apr 21st.

I look forward to serving grassroots Republicans in the days, months and decades to come, and having a successful Convention Saturday.

Don Zimmerman
SD-14 SREC Committeeman

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